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Authorization to Hold/Release Credit

This form is to authorize Presbyterian College to hold or release credits from all sources on the student account to pay for future and/or miscellaneous charges. The authorization remains in effect for the entirety of enrollment. The authorization is voluntary and may be rescinded by submitting a written request to the Office of Student Collections.

Check Request

You may fill out this form using Adobe Acrobat®. Please print a copy for your records as well as the copy to be sent to Accounts Payable. Use this form when no invoice is available. Please submit this form as soon as the details of the commitment are known. Attach any support documentation you may have for this expenditure. If the payment is to be made to an individual or a new vendor, please submit a completed W9 along with your check request.

Travel and Entertainment Form (T&E)

See also the Travel and Entertainment Policy.

A Travel and Entertainment Form (T&E) must be completed prior to any overnight travel or any travel that will exceed $100 in total expense.

Please complete the requested information and budget column and obtain all necessary approvals before arranging travel plans. Within 7 days of travel, complete the Travel and Entertainment form (“Actual Expenses” section) and submit a copy of your completed form:

  • To your budget manager. Include copies of all receipts.
  • To Accounts Payable for out-of-pocket reimbursement. Include original receipts for items to be reimbursed.
  • With your credit card statement. Include original receipts.

Enterprise Rent-A-Car & National Car Rental

PC has a contract with Enterprise Rent-A-Car & National Car Rental that includes full Damage Waiver (DW) and Liability Protection that alleviates travelers from financial responsibility for loss or damage to the rental vehicle. This coverage is applied automatically when using account number XZ26E64 for business use rentals in the U.S. and Puerto Rico. Outside of the U.S. and Puerto Rico or when renting with another company, Full Coverage should be selected at an additional cost. A college credit card must be used when paying for a rental vehicle unless other arrangements have been made. Direct Bill may be an option in approved instances. Contact the Business Office for details. In order for the college’s insurance to be effective, a college credit card must be used to pay for the rental vehicle. See Enterprise and National Rental Car FAQ for details on our contract.

Out-of-Pocket Expense Report

(Not to be used for Travel or Entertainment)

You may fill out this form using Adobe Acrobat®. Please print a copy for your records as well as the copy to be sent to the Business Office. Use this form as a reimbursement request for expenses paid from the employee or student’s personal funds. Please be sure to include a brief yet specific business purpose/description of all expenditures. Also, please attach all invoices, receipts, and any other documentation. If money is due from the employee/student, please submit payment to the cashier and forward the form to Accounts Payable. If money is due to the employee/student, please submit the form directly to Accounts Payable.

Expenditure Approval Request Form

Please print a copy for your records as well as the copy to be sent to your officer. Please submit this form to obtain approval for expenditures $100 or more. Allow adequate lead-time, especially if the vendor needs a check at the time the goods or services are delivered. Obtain an IRS form W9 from individuals and new vendors. Please see the College’s policy on purchasing for further information.

Campus Services Facility Project Request Form

You may fill out this form using Adobe Acrobat®. Please print a copy for your records as well as the copy to be sent to Campus Services. This form may be used to submit requests for facility project approval. For more information, please contact Campus Services (ext. 8304).

Cash Receipt Transmittal

You may fill out this form using Adobe Acrobat®. Please print a copy for your records as well as the copy to be sent to the cashier in the Business Office. This form is used when submitting coins, currency, checks and/or money orders for deposit. Complete all sections of the form. Please be sure to record the organization/department code and the account code the funds are to be credited to along with a brief description of the deposit. A receipt will be issued by the cashier for you to compare to your records.

Credit Card Forms

The credit card information and forms page include forms such as the Credit Card Application and the Temporary Limit Increase form.

W9 – Request for Taxpayer ID Number

The Accounts Payable office needs a taxpayer ID number before writing a check to any individual who is not an employee. Give a W9 to any non-employee who needs to be paid by the College (e.g., speakers, consultants, artists), ask them to fill it in, and return it to you. Submit the form along with their invoice or your check request. Note that employees can be paid only through payroll, although reimbursement for expenses will come from Accounts Payable. W9s are not needed for expense reimbursement requests. Printed copies of this form are available in the Accounts Payable office.