Bid Day & Best Friends

Bid Day & Best Friends

One of my favorite memories of Presbyterian College is my Bid Day last year. I got to run and jump into the arms of a girl who had become my best friend after only a few weeks. Sprinting down the steps of Neville Hall, our campus’ most iconic building, into the sprawling crowd of sorority girls as they chanted their letters proudly was truly an experience of a lifetime. After every girl had run home to their sorority, we moved the event to Belk Auditorium, where a huge party was thrown to celebrate all of the new sisters. We danced and sang along to girly pop songs. And we ate hot dogs and s’mores to go along with our camp theme. At the end of the celebration, everyone lined up to take pictures on top of the iconic Presbyterian College sign with their pledge classes.

This year, I and the rest of the upperclassmen got to experience Bid Day from the other side. Rather than running down the Neville steps, we caught girls who had become our best friends after only a few weeks. Our theme this year was Carnival, so everyone was covered in glitter and wore tutus. I even wore my silver Heelys. The other sororities dressed as Coachella goers and mermaids. By the middle of the event, we had all screamed and shouted so much that our voices were shot, so we switched over to blowing whistles and horns until the last girl had run down the Neville steps. By the end the celebration, I had 24 new best friends.

That’s one of the best things about Greek Life at PC. You can make such strong bonds with people so quickly. You can find your sisters and best friends for life. They aren’t just people you see at functions; they are your go-to friends for anything and everything. Greek Life is one way to find your best friends, but it isn’t hard at PC to find friends. With everyone in the PC community being so welcoming and open, friends come easy and stay in your life forever.


Lexy is a sophomore pre-medical student, majoring in biology from Mooresville, North Carolina.

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