Why PC? For the close community and more, freshman says

Why PC? For the close community and more, freshman says

High school seniors across the country are deciding where to go to college. It’s a big decision.

Stay close to home? Or go farther away?

Small school or big school?

These are only a couple of the questions that high school students consider.

We asked Jordan Johnson, a freshman from Irmo, S.C., why he chose PC.

Here’s what he said:

Why did you choose PC?

I chose PC for a number of reasons such as being recruited by the soccer team, not having to be too far away from my home, and even the good things I heard about the school from friends.

However, the main reason I decided to attend Presbyterian College is the size of the campus and the number of students who attend the school. Being a smaller campus, PC has the ability to offer a more close and personal community, and this is the main reason I picked PC.

The relationships I have built with my professors and classmates due to the small classroom sizes have helped me grow academically and socially.

How important was it to visit campuses before deciding which college to go to?

I knew PC was the right choice after my visit with the school ended. As a veteran of the college selection process, I urge all high school seniors to get out to campuses and go on visits. This specifically was the turning point for me.

When I got to visit PC, I was able to experience the school in person and see what the college was all about.

When did you know PC was the right choice for you?

Now that my freshman year is almost over, I know I made the right choice to come to PC simply because all of the reasons I chose the school exceeded my expectations.

I chose to come here for the close relationships I would have with my professors, and the school did not disappoint. I find myself having great relationships with the people who teach me everyday, as I can genuinely say that they care for my education and my future.

PC also exceeded my expectations in terms of the friendships I’ve made. The students here have respect and are extremely nice to one another.

Knowing that we have a smaller community than other schools, making close friends is very easy because as students we realize we have to be there for one another.

After a year at PC, I know that I have made the right choice.

Visit Campus

The turning point for Jordan during his college selection process was the time he visited campus. We’d love to see you on campus if you’re still searching for your college home. Go to Visit PC to schedule a visit.