"A Part of Something Bigger than Myself"

“A Part of Something Bigger than Myself”

Freshman Caitlyn Tompkins knows how stressful it is deciding where to go to college.

In this short Q&A, she talks about why she chose PC and why she feels “like being a Blue Hose has made me a part of something bigger than myself.”

Why did you choose PC?

“I chose PC because of the small class sizes, beautiful campus and the accepting community. Everyone I met, faculty and students, were amazingly kind and genuinely interested in who I am as a person.

“I feel like being a Blue Hose has made me a part of something bigger than myself.”

When did you know PC was the right choice for you? What factored into your decision?

“It was a stressful decision when I was deciding on where to go to college. I knew I did not want the strain and tension of a large school, but I still wanted many social opportunities and to experience many ways to get involved.

“PC’s outstanding community made sure that from the start I was shown multitudes of ways to become a part of the community and build amazing relationships.

“I knew PC was right for me during the first tour– it simply felt like home. Both the people and the campus as a whole welcomed me with open arms and hearts.”

Now that your freshman year is almost over, how do you know you made the right choice to come to PC?

“As a rising sophomore and completing my last semester as a freshman here at PC, I am undoubtedly sure that I have made the best choice. During my somewhat short time here at PC, I have already helped found two student organizations, joined more than four others, begun an internship, and found sisterhood in one of our sororities on campus. And now I’m preparing to be an orientation leader!

“My classes are thoroughly intriguing and enjoyable, and the personal relationships built here with mentors and professors on campus are like no other.”

Be A Blue Hose

If you’ve been admitted to PC, there’s great news: The enrollment deadline has been extended to June 1. Your senior year of high school has been stressful enough, and it’s important for you to make the right college decision for you.

If you’re ready to Be a Blue Hose, you can reserve your spot in the Class of 2025 by submitting your enrollment deposit.