How PC's Outstanding Senior Changed in Four Years

How PC’s Outstanding Senior Changed in Four Years

PC’s Outstanding Senior gives a speech during graduation every year.

This year’s Outstanding Senior is Rylee White.

You might expect that Rylee talked to the graduation crowd about how she loved PC every second she was a student.

But that wasn’t the case.

Four Years Ago

“Freshman orientation was honestly the worst two days of my entire life,” Rylee said.

“I am from a small town and graduated high school with a class of 30 students. So when I arrived at my first orientation session, and no one knew my name or cared to talk to me, I had a literal identity crisis.”

Rylee wondered if PC was the right place for her and if she “would ever consider it home.”

“Looking back four years later, my anxiety is almost comical,” she said.

“I can rest assured that PC was the right decision, as it has allowed me to grow and develop as a person in ways I never imagined possible.”

What changed?

Rylee talked about what made her change in the last four years.

She said it was the relationships she formed.

“Relationships with classmates, with professors, with roommates, with teammates, with administration, with people in the local community, with coaches and trainers, with friends in Greek life, with that person I passed every day on the way to class, with the Greenville Dining Hall workers,” Rylee said.

“I would bet that if you asked any of my classmates what it is that makes Presbyterian College home to them, a large majority would respond that it is the PC community, the idea that we are a part of the Presbyterian College family and that PC will always be home.”

On the Way to Med School

Although she will begin at the University of South Carolina School of Medicine in August, Rylee knows that she’ll always be a Blue Hose.

“Current students, alumni, faculty and staff can all agree that when you join this family you will gain a support group, people who want you to develop, achieve, and experience the best this life has to offer,” she said.

“And this community does not end today, but continues beyond this campus. We can find our PC home in our relationships formed from these past four years throughout the rest of our lives.”

Become Part of the Blue Hose Family

If you’ve been admitted to PC, there’s still time for you to join the PC Family. Visit Next Steps to pay your enrollment deposit and reserve your spot in the Class of 2025.