New Student Housing Information

Welcome to the PC family! We look forward to meeting you and getting to know you in your transition to college life. As a residential campus, the Residence Life Office is the place to learn about everything related to living at PC. Please take a moment to read through the following information about finding a roommate and living on campus. If you have any questions, please contact the Residence Life Office at 864-833-8277 or by emailing

The information below is for all new students attending PC for the first-time. Students who are currently attending PC or have previously attended PC should complete the Current Student Housing Application.

Housing Application Information

All full-time PC students who will be registered for classes will need to complete an online Housing Application.

For new students, this will be done using the online housing system provided by Please Don’t Snore. Username and Password information will be sent out to students within one to two weeks of the Admission Office receiving your fall semester deposit. The system will require you to use your “” email information which will be mailed to your home address after you submit your deposit.

The application has multiple parts for you to complete. Prior to starting the online application, some important information for you to consider:

Personal Information

This section will ask for some basic information about you and your interests. You also have the opportunity to upload a photo for your profile.

Roommate Preference

Please fill out these sections as accurately and honestly as possible.

This will help you to find a roommate who is most compatible with you, or in the event that the Residence Life Office needs to assign you a roommate, this information will be used to identify a roommate who is most compatible with your interests and personal living habits. The Residence Life Office makes an effort to place all students with preferred roommates/suitemates and in the location of their choice.

Please note that these are preferences and your answers on the application do not guarantee placement in a particular location.

Room Location Preference

Please list your top preferences for housing next year in the order you prefer them. All room assignments will be made based on the date on which you and/or your roommate submitted your deposit to the Admission Office.

Roommate Matching

If you do not match with a roommate the Residence Life Office will identify a roommate for you. At all times, students who match with a roommate will receive priority in housing locations over those who do not identify a roommate.

Housing Contract

By submitting your Please Don’t Snore profile, you are agreeing to the terms and conditions of the PC Housing Contract.

Housing Timeline

April 1
The Residence Life Office will begin sending login information for Please Don’t Snore* after a student submits their deposit. Students should complete profiles & begin looking for potential roommates.

May 10 – June 10
Students can confirm a match with their roommate.

June 11
Students who did not identify a roommate will be assigned a roommate.

By July 1
Students will be notified via email of their housing assignment.**

*This only applies to students who have submitted their deposit for the fall semester. This will continue on a rolling basis as students are admitted during the Spring.
**Students will have an opportunity to see a room in their assigned building during Orientation.

Housing Application FAQs

How and when do I select a roommate and/or room?

Students have the opportunity to select their roommate using the Please Don’t Snore housing system. Students should set up their profiles prior to May 1st and can match with a roommate between May 10 and June 10. Students who are not matched with a roommate after June 10 will be assigned a roommate.

Room assignments are done by the Residence Life Office based on a student’s deposit date. The sooner a student submits their deposit, the more likely they are to be assigned to their highest building preference. Preference is also given to students who are matched with a roommate by June 10.

What are the residency requirements?

Living on-campus throughout your college career is an integral part of the PC educational experience. As a residential college, we require full-time enrolled students to reside on campus unless they meet one of the following criteria of exception:

  1. Residing with parents or legal guardians at their primary place of residence within 40 driving miles of 503 S. Broad Street, Clinton, SC 29325;
  2. Legally married (must provide documentation);
  3. Parents of dependent children (must provide documentation);
  4. Medical or psychological conditions that cannot be accommodated by the College. PC is committed to making accommodations in our residences for medical or psychological conditions for which a student has been diagnosed by a licensed health care provider. These accommodations are made in consultation with College personnel including representatives from Health Services and the Provost’s Office. In rare circumstances when the College is unable to make accommodations as determined by these personnel, the student will be granted an exception to the housing requirement.

Can I select a room with a student who is a different class year/priority number?

No. We believe in the importance of the shared experience of new students living on campus and do not have living opportunities for new students to share a room with upperclassman.

I have a medical or psychological condition for which I need a special accommodation. What is the process for requesting an accommodation?

Housing accommodation requests, along with required documentation of the condition, are due by June 1 for priority consideration. Students seeking more information about this should discuss their needs for accommodation with the Director of Residence Life to understand the process and what paperwork is required. Contact the Residence Life Office at 864-833-8277 to schedule an appointment.

What is the gender for each available building on campus?

Some buildings on PC’s campus are co-ed by apartment or by floor, other buildings are single-gender. For new students, spaces available for the fall semester:

  • Belk Hall (single-gender, suite-style) – Women
  • Clinton Hall* (single-gender, suite-style) – Men
  • Georgia Hall (co-ed, suite-style): 4th Floor – Men
  • Smyth Hall (single-gender, community bathroom): 2nd and 3rd Floors – Women

*Note: Clinton 4th floor may be assigned to first-year men or women as needed.

Are single rooms available for new students?

Single rooms are typically not available to new students except for students requiring a single room due to medical accommodations. Opportunities for a single room may arise during the academic year when a student does not have a roommate in a double room and conditions allow for the student to buy out the other space in the room, which is known as a Super Single. Students interested in a Super Single can discuss this with the Assistant Director of Residence Life for their area during the fall or spring semester. There is no way to plan for a Super Single. No one will be granted this opportunity prior to the start of the semester or during the initial add/drop period during the first two weeks of the semester as the Residence Life Office continues to assign students to rooms during this time.