Residency Requirements

As a residential campus, Presbyterian College believes that living on campus provides essential opportunities for personal growth, development, and education. Residence Life is committed to maintaining an environment on campus that fosters a student’s intellectual pursuits as well as creates opportunities for social development and living-learning engagement.

All full-time PC students are required to live on campus unless they meet one of the following criteria:

  • Residing with a parent or legal guardian at their primary place of residence within 40 miles driving distance of 503 S. Broad St., Clinton, SC 29325.
    • The student must provide documentation that the address given is the bona fide primary place of residence of the parents or guardians. “Primary place of residence” is defined as the one place where an owner of the property has his/her true, fixed, and permanent home and it shall continue as a primary place of residence until another primary place of residence is established.
    • If the parents or legal guardians rent, and otherwise do not own their primary place of residence, copies of leases reflecting the necessary continuous period of occupancy must be provided.
    • Further documentation may be required at the discretion of the Residential Life staff.
  • Legally married (must provide documentation).
  • Parents of dependent children (must provide documentation).
  • Age 25 or older during the academic year for which the exemption is requested
  • Transferring to PC with an Associate’s Degree or greater and are at least two years post-graduation from high school.
  • Medical or psychological conditions that cannot be accommodated by the College.

Medical or Psychological Conditions

Information about the housing accommodations process and all related forms are available on the Accommodations for Disabilities page.  Presbyterian College is committed to making housing accommodations in accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1991 and amended in 2008 (ADA), Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, the Fair Housing Act of 1988, and the policies of the PC Academic Success Office. Be aware that not every medical condition may rise to the level of severity necessary for a housing accommodation. Residence Life makes accommodations based on the recommendations of the Disability Services Coordinator, who reviews the information during the accommodation process. If you have further questions, you may email or for more information.

Housing Exemption Request Form

Students who meet one of the above exceptions may request to be released from the residency requirement for the year by completing the Housing Exemption Request Form.  Specific documentation may be requested by the Residence Life Office to validate exemption requests. Students who receive permission to live off-campus may not reside on Calvert Avenue, or within one block of Calvert Avenue on an intersecting street. This limitation does not apply to a student who commutes daily from his/her legal guardian’s residence.

At all times, the College reserves the absolute right to revoke a student’s off-campus living privilege and require them to return to campus housing.


If you have further questions about the Residency Requirement, please contact the Residence Life Office at or by phone at 864-833-8277.