The Eldridges

The Eldridges


Ben and I met in French class on the first floor of Neville. Ben had forgotten his French textbook, so he asked if he could slide his desk over and look at mine. This sparked the first conversations between the two of us. Conveniently, Ben continued to forget his French textbook (maybe he never even bought it!), so conversations continued. We learned that we were also in the same Calculus class, and a study group was formed with several people in the class giving Ben and I a chance to continue to get to know one another. After a semester-long friendship, Ben picked me up at Smyth to go on our first date. Two years of dating included watching Ben cheer at the football games, tailgating with friends, many dance performances, and lots of hanging out at the Sigma Nu house, Ben set up an elaborate scavenger hunt through our favorite and memorable places on PC’s campus. The very last clue was for me to return to the place where we met, and I knew I had to get to Neville. As I walked out the front doors, Ben was standing at the bottom of the stairs and knelt down on one knee. Our PC friends were all spying from the bushes and came out to celebrate our engagement. We have such fond memories of PC and specifically Neville which was the place of first meeting and then the place where we began the rest of our lives together.
We have been married now for 7 years (just a drop in the bucket)!

Ben Eldridge ’08 and Elizabeth Eldridge ’10