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PC has opened my eyes to the world

I studied abroad in Hong Kong the spring of my junior year at Presbyterian College and got to travel to Thailand during the week before finals. I had always dreamt of being able to get close enough to an elephant to pet it, but this day surpassed my dreams completely! I was introduced to three

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Embracing the PC family

Every year the PC baseball team participates in a service project at the beginning of the year. This activity parallels PC’s motto “dum vivimus servimus” or “while we live we serve.” This year, we were able to volunteer at a community garden located near PC. At the garden, people are able to take fruits and

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I will always be grateful

My journey here at Presbyterian College has been filled with ups and downs yet I feel like this pattern of great success and failures will be something we all face in our lives. My defensive coordinator in high school told me that I will never play tight end in college, which was a dream of

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It’s not four years, it’s for life

When people say college is the best four of your life, they aren’t lying. As I wrap up my final weeks as a college student I am filled with emotions. It is a bittersweet moment. PC has given me my best friends, professors that have inspired and encouraged me along the way, and the beginning

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PC offers endless opportunities

People often ask me why I chose to come to Presbyterian College when I am from the small town of Clinton, South Carolina. My casual response, “It’s a community that is unique only to be found within a classroom of professors who care about you as an individual, Hoseville at Saturday afternoon football games, fraternity

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Acey Palmer

In regards to his decision to transfer to PC after spending two years at the United Air Force Academy, Acey Palmer, a senior political science major, said, “I wanted to attend a smaller university that was more family oriented but still provided students with a top-notch education.” Indeed, upon arriving in Clinton, Palmer began to

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