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The Stansells

Blake and I met in 1994 when I was a freshman and he was a senior. It really was “love at first sight.” I told my best friend Steph that I just met the boy I’m going to marry – she, of course, laughed at me. Then Blake told his friends – I just saw

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The Adairs

We met playing pool at Springs. I was a little sister for his fraternity. We finally started dating after a New Years’ Eve party in Atlanta in 1993. He graduated in 1994 but came back often to visit. He is my best friend and my soul mate! It is an added bonus that we both

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The Woodwards

I met Price the first week I arrived at PC. I was marching over to Bailey dorm with all the other freshmen girls wearing my sandwich sign that displayed my name and that I was from Americus, GA. Price was part of the orientation team that was helping to welcome us. When I met him, I

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The Lawsons

Although we both grew up in Atlanta, we actually first met in front of Greenville Dining Hall our Freshman year in 1983. We had several classes together and shared many friends. We started officially dating the summer before our Senior year and upon our return, we were always together while participating in PC’s many social

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