Women's Soccer Alumnae Rally to Support Program

Women’s Soccer Alumnae Rally to Support Program

Nearly one out of every three women’s soccer graduates gave back during PC’s Giving Day on May 29. The alumnae’s 29% giving percentage was the highest giving percentage for any Blue Hose sport during the 24-honor online fundraising campaign.

“To have people willing to sacrifice on our behalf validates what we do and the way we have run the program over the last 30 years,” said Brian Purcell, head coach of the women’s soccer team.

“When our former players chip in, it reminds me of what an important part of their lives their PC experience has been and how significant their time with the women’s soccer program was.”

The gifts from the women’s soccer alumni and all Blue Hose sports alumni supported the Scotsman Club Scholarship Fund and the Scotsman Club Student-Athlete Experience Fund. The women’s soccer program was awarded $2,500 because of past players’ efforts.

“The coming together of past and present players reminds us that PC people have an unusually strong bond,” Purcell said. “PC people share a common experience that is unique.

“Once you are in the Blue Hose Nation, there are things that you understand that people outside the Blue Hose Nation don’t get. Once you’re a part of it, you’re a member for life. This is true for older alumni, younger alumni, and current students.”