9 Things to Do at PC over the Weekend (A recent grad lets you in on what the students do)

9 Things to Do at PC over the Weekend (A recent grad lets you in on what the students do)

Zoey Montague ’20

9 Things to Do on the Weekend | Blue Hose Blog | Presbyterian College | Clinton SC

(This photo was taken before the pandemic.)

One of the most difficult things to learn how to do your first few weeks in college is figure out how to spend your free time. It can be a struggle to find ways to fill your time that don’t include studying. PC is a small college, but you’ll find you have more than plenty to do, even on the weekend.

Here are nine things to do at PC.

1. Check out a movie at the Greenwood Drive-in

Go back to the 50’s at the 25 Drive-In in Greenwood. A little over 30 minutes from campus, the 25 Drive-In is one of the last drive-in movie theatres in the country. Just about every weekend, you can find PC students parked in there cars, checking out the double features. The drive-in plays three double features every weekend, so you can plan a time to go that’s right for you.

2. Play a game of pickup in the student center

Pick up a basketball from the student workers and grab a group of friends and then you’ll be all set to play a game up pickup in Springs Student Center. The gym is open until 10 p.m. on Fridays and Saturdays and until midnight on Sundays. Game on!

3. Netflix Marathon with friends

College students love Netflix! And why wouldn’t we? It’s free and doesn’t involve any planning ahead of time. Just tell a couple of friends to bring the snacks, one or two others to bring comfy blankets, then get your Office binge on.

4. Visit Musgrove Mill

Musgrove Mill is a historic site in Clinton that’s about a 15-minute drive from campus. While there, you can visit the museum and gift shop or go for a walk along the two and a half miles worth of trails. The site also occasionally hosts Revolutionary War reenactments.

5. Grab a bite to eat

Clinton may be small, but you’ll find lots of awesome places to eat in our little town. Arby’s, Little Caesars and Bojangles are right in Clinton. Chick Fil A is less than 10 minutes away in Laurens. And PC students love the local restaurants too: Whiteford’s Giant Burger, Senor Garcia’s and Wilson’s are three faves. Most of the restaurants around town offer student discounts. What could be better?!

6. Sleep in

Hopefully you were able to schedule around taking that math class first thing in the morning at 8:00. Even if you couldn’t get around it, you’ll be able to catch up on sleep on Saturday or Sunday. Sleep in Saturday morning, then take a mid-afternoon nap to finish up.

7. Walk dogs at the humane society

If you love animals, you’ll love the Clinton Humane Society. They’re always looking for a helping hand. You can take a break from studying and volunteer and even walk dogs. The humane society offers hours every week for students to come down and walk the dogs. There’s even a walking trail on their campus.

8. Go on a photoshoot around Clinton’s picturesque downtown

Downtown Clinton has some great places to pose. There’s the new town mural. The railroad tracks. And also the cool 20th century architecture. Take some pics on a sunny day and don’t forget to tag PC when you post them on social media!

9. Go to an event on campus

There’s always something going on around campus. Blue Hose student-athletes compete just about year round. You can cheer on your fellow students at their games. The music department hosts performances and invites musicians to perform on campus. And students organize and host events too, like Open Mic Night and Blacklight Casino Night.

If you think you won’t be able to find stuff to do at PC because it’s a small college, think again. PC students stay busy!

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