Get Involved

Presbyterian College offers more than 60 clubs and organizations, making it easier for you to make a difference in the community, build friendships, and pursue your passions and talents. Every aspect of the PC experience contributes to the overall learning and growth of each student. One way to do that is to get involved with one of our many student organizations or clubs. If you don’t find the perfect group, we’ll even help you start your own!

Student Involvement Staff

Assistant Director of
Student Involvement:
Campus Recreation
Carson Drake
Assistant Director of
Student Involvement:
Greek Life
Springs 105

Assistant Director of
Orientation & Events

Student Involvement Mission Statement

Our mission is “to engage students in enriching and diverse co-curricular experiences in order to strengthen interpersonal and intergroup relationships across campus. This is accomplished through the maintenance of existing programs and implementation of new programs to support a robust student experience at Presbyterian College and through the employment and development of staff with a passion for empowering students.” We are here to make your experience as a Blue Hose the most memorable one possible!