Southern Circuit Film Series: Sadie; Kuhne Auditorium

Thursday, September 13, 2018
7:00 PM
8:30 PM
Contact: Dr. Terry Barr

Sadie is the story of a 13-year-old girl who lives at Shady Plains Trailer Park with her mother while her father serves repeated tours in the military. Her dad has broken many promises that he will return, but Sadie (Sophia Mitri Schloss) idolizes him and believes in his cause, so she waits, preserving his place on the home-front.

Less patient is her mom, Rae (Melanie Lynskey), who stopped receiving letters or calls from her husband years ago. She has been half-heartedly dating the counselor from Sadie’s school, Bradley (Tony Hale,) but it isn’t until a mysterious newcomer moves in next door that she truly considers moving on. Rae’s best friend is Carla (Danielle Brooks,) who works at the local bar and has a penchant for unavailable men. Danielle’s son Francis (Keith L. Williams,) and her retired father Deak (Tee Dennard) are Sadie’s charge and confidante, respectively. Francis, bullied at school, relies on Sadie for protection and guidance. Deak, stationed outside with his whittling, connects with Sadie’s old soul. The arrival of Cyrus (John Gallagher, Jr.) disrupts the balance of life at Shady Plains. When Sadie sees the relationship developing between Cyrus and Rae, she pledges to come between them, whatever it takes.

Sadie has always tested boundaries. Mainly at school, where she is in a protracted battle with Francis’s bully and a war of wits with her teachers. But with her new mission she pushes into new territory she is not equipped to handle. Cyrus becomes the enemy, and if she’s learned nothing else from the world she inhabits, it’s that the enemy deserves no mercy.

Writer/director: Megan Griffiths
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