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Religious Life Organizations

Presbyterian College’s vibrant campus includes a number of religious student organizations. The Office of Religious Life and Community Engagement oversees all religious organizations and opportunities on campus. PC’s religious organizations and Christian living community bring together leaders from each of the campus ministries to cultivate a strong fellowship between various areas of the PC campus.

Religious Life Organizations List

Blue Fish | Religious Life | Get Involved | Presbyterian College | Clinton SC

Bluefish are students serving as ministers for the campus community while developing their individual gifts. One of the ways Bluefish serves is an open forum called “Fishbowl” where students can discuss topics and their opinions in a safe space. Bluefish also works with Peer Mentors and RA’s to ensure the well-being of the students on campus through intentional ministry and care.

Celtic Cross | Religious Life | Get Involved | Presbyterian College | Clinton SC
Celtic Cross

Celtic Cross was created in 1995 and is considered a model for church leadership development programs. It is designed to challenge students to think theologically about vocation and to consider their call to professional or lay leadership in the church or in the community. Celtic Cross students plan and lead the annual Youth Day, and participate in a spring retreat.

Campus Outreach | Religious Life | Get Involved | Presbyterian College | Clinton SC
Campus Outreach

Campus Outreach Greenville is an inter-denominational ministry located on college campuses in upper South Carolina and Western North Carolina. The ministry is under the supervision of Mitchell Road Presbyterian Church in Greenville, S.C., and has the mission of “Glorifying God by Building Laborers on the Campus for the World.” Our aim is to see students know and walk with Jesus Christ and grow in having a heart for others. See as a resource to learn more about Campus Outreach.

Catholic Association | Religious Life | Get Involved | Presbyterian College | Clinton SC
Catholic Student Association

The Catholic Student Association has weekly meetings where they discuss scripture readings and learn about the teachings of the Church, growing in understanding of the basics of the faith. Mass and Confession are offered on campus Sunday evenings at 5 p.m. in Wyatt Chapel with a visiting priest. The group also participates in the statewide Catholic college student retreats, which take place each semester.

FCA | Religious Life | Get Involved | Presbyterian College | Clinton SC
Fellowship of Christian Athletes

Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) is an organization welcoming athletes and non-athletes alike, united in our passion for worshiping God, supporting each other in a Christian community, and sharing Christ’s love on campus. FCA is led by students seeking to serve you in any way possible. No matter who you are, we would love to have you attend one of our weekly meetings with student-led worship, guest speakers, and time to get to know one another better.

Ukirk | Religious Life | Get Involved | Presbyterian College | Clinton SC

UKirk is a Presbyterian-ish Religious Life Organization at PC. We come together for fellowship, Christian formation, and service. Ukirk welcomes students of all denominational groups and seeks to be very intentional about creating an environment that promotes spiritual growth individually and communally. We work to create a comfortable atmosphere that encourages diplomatic discussion in order to learn more about others as well as ourselves.

Rethink Fellowship | Religious Life | Get Involved | Presbyterian College | Clinton SC
Rethink Fellowship

Rethink Fellowship: A United Methodist Students Association is a small college group ministry at Broad Street United Methodist Church in Clinton, SC. In partnership with Broad Street United Methodist Church, we work to further the development of disciples of Christ in fellowship, prayer, and Scripture on the campus of Presbyterian College and in the greater Clinton community.

Religious Life Council

The Religious Life Council, composed of representatives from various campus ministries, serves to minister to the PC community and ensure that each student is spiritually nourished. Our goal is to unite our religious student organizations to be a stronger body of Christ on campus.  The Religious Life Council coordinates programs and events involving all of the campus ministries and brings leaders of each together to encourage one another.