Parking & Accommodations


On Saturday, May 11. 2024, students will be asked to park:

  • Behind GDH, Thomason Library, Belk Hall, Clinton Hall, Grotnes Hall, Barron Hall or Carol International House parking lots to allow our guests to park on the west end of our campus

Handicap parking for our guests will be available behind:

  • Harrington-Peachtree and Jacobs Hall
    We require that vehicles parking in the designated handicapped areas display a disabled placard. Campus police will assist disabled guests by transporting them in a golf cart form the parking lot to the seating area.

General Parking will be available at:

  • Belk Auditorium, Edmunds Hall, Bailey Hall, the grass lot beside the President’s House, the gravel lot behind Harrington-Peachtree, Smyth Hall, Springs/Georgia lots and limited spaces behind Smith Administration

In the event of rain, Commencement will be held in the Belk Auditorium. Handicap parking will be located:

  • Behind Belk Auditorium and Edmunds Hall

Students are asked to park behind:

  • GDH, Belk Hall, Clinton Hall, Barron Hall, Grotnes Hall, or Carol International House

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Here are a few hotels and accommodations in the Clinton, South Carolina area.


Hampton Inn and Suites
201 E. Corporate Center Dr.


Comfort Suites
12865 SC Hwy. 56 North