Experience – it's one of the greatest parts of Model UN.

Presbyterian College’s Model UN is an educational simulation of the United Nations that provides students the opportunity to learn about its institutional structure, procedure, and international relations. Students serve as delegates of an assigned country and utilize their knowledge of the world to negotiate with allies and adversaries in an effort to resolve problems affecting their individual countries and, in turn, the greater world.

Each year, the College sends delegates to Model UN conferences, including the Southern Regional Model United Nations. In order to prepare students for these experiences, PC’s Model UN offers a one-credit course that provides background information on the UN and training to familiarize delegates with the rules of procedure and the issues on the agenda. Together, these experiences provide students with opportunities to:

  • expand their international horizons
  • conduct research
  • refine their public speaking abilities
  • cultivate their capacity to understand and empathize with the dynamic and ever-changing global community.

Model UN is a multidisciplinary program hosted by the Political Science Department. The team often consists of students representing a variety of academic interests, including biology, business, religion, modern foreign languages, political science, English, and mathematics! If you have a knack for debate, an interest in politics, a love for teamwork, and a passion to learn more about the global community, then Model UN is the perfect experience for you.

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