Clinton Hall

First-year male students live in Clinton Hall. When you live in Clinton, you live close to two of students’ favorite spots on campus: Greenville Dining Hall and the James H. Thomason Library.

The type of room you live in depends on the floor you’re on. The rooms in Clinton Hall are furnished with two twin beds, two dressers, and two sets of desks with chairs. 

The first three floors in Clinton Hall are suite-style: You and your roommate will share the bathroom with your suitemates in the room on the other side of the bathroom.

If you live on the first, second, or third floor, you can fix up your room just about any way you want since you can move most of the furniture. The only piece you can’t move is the long desktop that’s built in beneath the windows. 

The rooms on the fourth floor of Clinton Hall are different from the lower floors. If you live on Clinton’s top floor, you’ll share a hall bathroom with fellow residents on the fourth floor. 

Clinton Hall offers you plenty of space for you to hang out with friends and study. There’s a large lobby on the first floor, and lounges on the second and third floors. Washers and dryers are on the second and third floors and in the basement. 

Help will be close if you do need help with anything. The resident director lives on the first floor, and resident assistants live on the second, third, and fourth floors. Most important, you can feel safe in Clinton Hall. You and your fellow residents in Clinton Hall will be the only ones who can open the doors with a key card that is specific to your residence hall.

At a Glance

  • Housing for first-year males
  • Suite-style rooms on the bottom three floors: Double rooms share a bathroom
  • Double rooms on the fourth floor share a hall bathroom
  • Large lobby on first floor
  • Small study spaces on the second and third floors
  • Laundry in the basement and on the second and third floors

See Rooms

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Room & Furniture Dimensions

Room and space

Room (L x W): 12ft x 14.3ft
Closet (LxWxH):  6.5ft x 2ft x 7.3ft
Wall type: Drywall

  • Linoleum hardwood floor
  • Two beds
  • Two closets
  • Built-in desk with chairs

Bed: 7.1ft x 3.2ft x 3ft
Nightstand: 17.8in by 24in by 28in
Desk: 24.4in by 42.5in by 29.5in



Wi-Fi: Yes
Cable Connection: Yes
Internet Connection: Yes

Safety and Access

Floors: 4
Elevator: No
Keycard Access: Yes


Laundry Rooms: In the basement and on second and third floors
Bathrooms: In suite on first, second, and third floors. One hall bathroom on the fourth floor.

Common Area

Lounge: 1st floor
Small Study Space: 2nd and 3rd floor