Dr. Jerry Slice

Jerry Slice , Ph.D.

Professor of Economics and Business Administration

Department of Business Administration and Economics

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Education Background

Ph.D., Mississippi State University
M.S., Mississippi State University
B.S., Clemson University

Courses Taught
  • Capitalism: Foundations and Function;
  • Environmental Economics;
  • Globalization;
  • Intermediate Microeconomics;
  • International Marketing;
  • International Trade;
  • Principles of Macroeconomics;
  • Principles of Microeconomics
Areas of Specialty

Microeconomics, international economics, environmental economics

Professional Membership

Regional Advisory Commission to State Board of Economic Advisors, 2001-present

Attends USC Economic Outlook Conference and UNCW Teaching Economics Conference annually

Community Service Activities include:

Laurens County Senior Options, Laurens County SC Humane Society, Community Outreach and College Connection of First Presbyterian Church

Publications and Professional Development

Slice and Lipford. “Adam Smith’s Roles for Government and Contemporary U.S. Government Roles: Is the Welfare State Crowding Out Government’s Basic Functions?” The Independent Review 11, no. 4:485-501.

Slice, Lipford, and Yandle, “South Carolina’s Jocassee Gorges–Private Vice or Public Virtue?” PERC Research Study RS 02-2, Political Economy Research Center, Bozeman, MT. Presented to Association of Private Enterprise Education Conference, April 2004.

Slice and Malone. “Marketing Alternatives for Broilers of Various Sizes” and “The Relative Profitability of Producing Broilers of Various Weights” MAFES Publications, 1986.

Wye Faculty Fellow, sponsored by The Aspen Institute, 2005.


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