Dr. Justin Brent

Justin Brent Ph.D.

Professor of English


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BA, Furman University
PhD, State University of New York at Stony Brook

Joined PC in 2001

Faculty advisor, The Bluestocking

Courses taught:

Survey of English Literature I, Studies in Linguistics, Chaucer, Topics in Medieval Literature, Advanced Writing

Professional interests:

Medieval eschatology and manuscript studies, Old and Middle English Literature, History and Structure of the English Language, Medieval Latin Prose and Poetry, History of Rhetoric, History of Writing Technology, Computer-Assisted Instruction

I joined the faculty in 2001, after completing my PhD work at SUNY Stony Brook in New York. My education and career path show the direction and focus of an errant knight in your typical medieval romance: full of passion and commitment, but often distracted by phantasms of his own making. I like to think that I have remained steadfast and loyal to the maiden of my affection, literature of the late medieval period, whom I revere in all of her many manifestations—romances, tale collections, lyrics, saints’ lives, plays, debates, fables, and so forth. But to be truthful, other intellectual beauties have caught my eye as well. I find foreign languages perfectly irresistible, even if I don’t speak them very well. What started as a flirtation with European languages turned into a full-fledged affair with Language (yes, with a capital L), and so now I teach our department’s Topics in Linguistics course. It’s perfectly scandalous, but I can’t give her up!

If promiscuous in my academic interests, I am boringly single-minded when it comes to family. My wife and two kids (Sylvia, Sienna & Jack) are the true lights of my life. Look for me and the kids bicycling around Clinton. We’re hoping that one day we’ll make it onto PC’s promotional posters.