Influential Women in PC's History: Jerry Bron

Influential Women in PC’s History: Jerry Bron

Jerry Bron Influential Women PC History Feature

If anyone knows Presbyterian College through and through, it’s Jerry Bron, the current administrative assistant to the dean of community life.

“Jerry Bron has worked in several areas at PC—finance and administration, human resources, and most recently in residence life. In each area, Jerry demonstrates a high-level of professionalism and attention to detail. She is one who is always fair and kind to everyone,” said Leni Patterson, executive director of alumni relations.

Bron joined the PC family in 1995 as the secretary for the associate academic dean. In this role, she not only performed secretarial duties but also assisted with international students and helped the registrar with student records.

In 1997, Bron started working as the payroll/benefits coordinator. “I absolutely loved working in payroll,” she said. “That position allowed me to get to know every employee on campus. I ultimately got to know some of their family members as well.”

Bron also mentioned the fun she had with her responsibility of sending out emails to faculty and staff members, saying, “Every year, at Thanksgiving, I would tell them to be sure and get their bonus points at Bi-Lo so they could get a free turkey. At Christmas, I would remind them not to spend all of their money too quickly so they would have enough for the New Year. Just silly stuff, but the funny thing is that, when I retired, the one thing that the employees said they missed was those silly emails I used to send out. I still hear that comment to this day.”

Bron retired in December 2011 but was contacted in April 2012 to fill in for an employee in the residence life office on maternity leave. When the employee decided not to return, Bron decided to stay. And stayed she has. Bron still works in the residence life office, interacting with students daily and spreading her contagious holiday spirit by decorating the residence life office for every holiday.

When asked about Bron’s contribution to PC, senior Karlee Tate had the following words: “Mrs. Jerry consistently keeps a good attitude and outlook on life and she always has a funny joke or wonderful story about life to share. She always keeps me laughing and learning through her stories and jokes. Out of all the wonderful people I’ve met my four years here at PC, Mrs. Jerry is going to be the person I miss the most.”