Presbyterian College hosts PC Women’s Honors

Presbyterian College hosts PC Women’s Honors


As a part of its Women’s Leadership Project, Presbyterian College hosted PC Women’s Honors 2017 on Friday, March 10. The honors ceremony came as the culminating event of the Women’s Leadership Project, a week-long effort to equip, empower, and celebrate women at PC.

Each honor award was chosen by the Presbyterian College community.


The Susan B. Anthony Honor for the Empowerment of Women, which is designated to a woman who best exemplifies empowerment of women in their daily life, inspiring women to participate fully in all sectors of their communities, and to act on issues they define as important was presented to student Sarah Yoss, class of 2018 and Dr. Erin McAdams, associate professor of political science.

The Eleanor Roosevelt Honor for Excellence in leadership was presented to the women who best exemplify just and equitable leadership in their roles. These women have distinguished themselves amongst their peers as honest and courageous leaders on campus and in the community, a bright light in the darkness, a pillar of excellence. The award was presented to student Janie Miles, class of 2017 and Dr. Joy Smith, vice president of student life and dean of students.

An award designated to the women who best exemplify academic integrity through honesty, respect, and responsibility to the community as indicated by the PC honor code, the Ruby Bridges honor for Academic Advocacy and Integrity was presented to student Naya Martin, class of 2017 and Dr. Jackie Sumner, assistant professor of history.


The honor for most successful alumna was presented to an alumna of the College who best exemplifies the excellence expected of PC graduates and the mission of the College. The honor was presented to Lynn Downie ’85, assistant director of career programs. Downie serves as a trustee for the National Employment Counseling association, is an internationally certified career development instructor, and has been on the program review committee for the past two American Counseling association conferences. In addition, she has been recognized at the state level for building bridges between faculty and student life fields.


The Billie Jean King Honor for Excellence in Athletic Competition was awarded to women who strive for optimum performance within the context of good sportsmanship both on and off the field. The honors were presented to student Kelsey Yeager, women’s soccer player and class of 2019, and Megan Trimpe Whitaker, assistant athletic director for academic services and compliance.


The Mother Teresa Honor for Service to God and People was designated to women who best exemplify the motto “Dum Vivimus Servimus,” or “While we live, we serve.” The recipients are women dedicated to serving God, community, and people through every aspect of their lifestyle, committed to dignity, self-worth, and appreciation of diversity. The recipients were student Julia Law, class of 2018 and Rev. Rachel Parsons-Wells ’02, director of religious life and services.


The Leslie Knope Honor for Dedication to the Community was designated to the women who best exemplify pride and enthusiasm in their commitment to benefiting their community through ambitious public and community service. The recipients were student Ashley Wren, class of 2018 and Dr. Brooke Spatta, associate professor of psychology.


The Final award, the PC Woman of the Year was designated to the woman who had a profound impact within her field, equipping others to be their best selves, empowering them to discover their unique identities within the PC community and the world. The recipient was Dee Nichols, senior associate athletic director for compliance and senior women’s administrator.




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