Psychology Professor Saves Lives

Psychology Professor Saves Lives

Psychology professor Dr. Brooke Spatta takes the PC motto, “While we live, we serve” seriously.

But she has fun with it too.

“I’m definitely known on campus as the Humane Society Lady,” Spatta said. “They probably call me the Crazy Dog Lady, but I’m totally okay with that!”

Spatta has been volunteering with the Laurens County Humane Society for the past eight years. She now serves as the charity’s assistant director, all on a volunteer basis.

Spatta works mainly at the humane society’s no-kill animal shelter, the only one of its kind in the county. Spatta was instrumental in getting the facility built three years ago. Since then, the Laurens County Humane Society has rescued and found homes for approximately 262 dogs and puppies and 142 cats and kittens.

Spatta shares her passion for volunteering with her students.

As a professor, mentor, and advisor, I make it a point to share my triumphs and struggles at the humane society with my students,” she said. “I encourage all of my students to stand up and speak out for what they know is right and to be confident that they can make a difference.”

Spatta is the first to admit that saving the lives of homeless cats and dogs is a group effort. Students, faculty, and staff from PC, the School of Pharmacy, and both school districts in Laurens County have been major sources of support.

“It touches my heart to see young people so passionate about helping the homeless animals in our county,” Spatta said. “It gives me hope for the future.”