Finding Family in the “PC Bubble”

Finding Family in the “PC Bubble”

You’ve probably heard of the “PC Bubble.”

Rising senior Brooke Tallman says the “PC Bubble” is where family is.

“I like to think PC is a bubble in Clinton that allows students and faculty to create close relationships that feel like family,” she said.

Students can create close relationships with classmates and professors because of the small class sizes.

And, in the “Bubble,” “failure isn’t an option,” Brooke says.

“Everyone looks out for each other, and everyone strives for success,” Brooke said. “Even outside the classroom, the small enrollment allows activities and organizations to overlap creating stronger relationships within the school.”

Brooke stays busy on campus.

She’s a member of ZTA and will serve as treasurer during her senior year.

She’s a student worker in the Office of Advancement and in the Department of Athletics too.

And when she’s not working on campus or working toward her degree in business administration concentration in management, she likes attending events on campus.

“I love attending sporting events and other student activities like Accepted Students Day and holiday events,” Brooke says. “It’s also fun to see the speakers that PC brings in, whether they’re alumni or anyone that offers important informative lessons.”

Because of you, Brooke will be prepared when she leaves the “PC Bubble.”

Give today so that Brooke and future PC students can continue to receive a PC education in the “Bubble” that feels like home.