Music with Meaning

Music with Meaning

For senior biology major Kaitlin Roberts, music is more than just something to do at PC. With the combined stresses that a liberal arts college education can bring, music often offers much needed relief, satisfaction, and a deeper connection with God.

What year are you and what is your intended major?

I’m a senior biology major. I also have two minors, one in chemistry and one in music.

What part of the music department are you in and what do you play?

I play the clarinet in both the wind ensemble and the smaller chamber winds group.

What is it like being in that department?

It’s challenging enough to keep things interesting without being too stressful, and we have a lot of fun practicing pieces together.

What other organizations on campus besides music are you involved in?

I’m also involved in Tri-Beta, the honors biology society on campus, and I’m doing honors research in biology this semester.

How long have you been involved in music or what has been your history with music? How long have you played your instrument, and what made you want to start?

I’ve been singing for my whole life. My family has always loved music and encouraged me to love it too. I’ve been in band since the sixth grade. I wanted to learn an instrument because I already loved music and wanted to be able to share music with others in as many ways as I possibly could.

How has music played a role in your life and why is it important to you?

Music is really important to me. Most of what I sing and play is worship music. Music is one of the main ways I worship God. It comforts me on bad days, cheers me up, and keeps me from stressing when I sing and play praises to my Jesus. It’s also one of the ways I’ve learned scripture over the years. It’s a constant, gentle reminder of God’s presence in my life.

Why do you think the music department is important to a college like PC or to colleges in general?

It’s really important to have something fun and not too stressful to do while you’re taking harder classes. It’s not a bad GPA booster either! But really, playing, singing, and listening to music is good for the heart and soul and can help remind us of what’s really important in good times and bad. Music helps us connect with each other as we work together to bring pieces to life and as we listen to others make music. Music can also point us to God and all the great things He has done, and there’s nothing more important than having a relationship with God.

The PC Department of Music offers a variety of opportunities including PC Chamber Orchestra and small chamber ensembles (duos, trios, quartets, and quintets). All students at PC are eligible to participate. Studying music at PC allows for a more intimate environment of learning that fosters musical growth through community, access to close faculty mentoring, and the flexibility to fully explore musical and intellectual passions. To learn more about the Music Department, faculty, staff, ensembles, clinics, and events, visit