Being involved with music

Being involved with music

Being involved at PC is an important part of a student’s livelihood and overall education at Presbyterian College. As Junior Jared Smiling lists all of the various organizations he has a part in, he denotes the importance of music and the role it has played in his overall experience at PC.

What year are you and what is your intended major?

I am a junior and my major is business with a minor in music.

What part of the music department are you in and what do you play or do?  

I am in choir and also the current president of choir. I take applied voice lessons as well as applied piano lessons. I am also a stage manager for the music department as when we have concerts, MHPS, and other recitals.

What is it like being in (band, choir, orchestra, etc.). 

Along with everything else that I am involved in, being in the music department can sometimes be challenging but I am grateful and happy to be a part of it as it teaches me great discipline. And also, I enjoy singing and have always been in choir since third grade, so doing it at a collegiate level makes it all the more better.

What other organizations on campus besides music are you involved in? 

Other than being involved in the music department, I am also the former president and co-founder of a club known as Uno @ Ocho on campus, I am a bluefish, a member of Campus Outreach, MSU, and a worship leader for FCA as I play keys and sing. I also am a recent member of Sigma Beta Delta business honor society.

How long have you been involved in music or what has been your history with music? How long have you played your instrument or sang, and what made you want to start?

I have been singing in choir since the third grade and have been playing the piano probably since the fourth grade. My family is pretty musical as my mother and two sisters can sing as well. I have always enjoyed singing and started playing the piano because my mother set me up with a teacher. Ever since then, I have learned to love playing the piano and also paired with my singing and songwriting abilities as well.

How has music played a role in your life and why is it important to you?

Music has been one of the best stress relievers in my life. Whenever I feel any kind of emotion, happy, sad, confused, I tend to always turn to my piano and put lyrics to whatever I’m feeling. Music has allowed me to express myself and has given me the chance to meet great people who share the same passion and interests as me.

Why do you think the music department is important to a college like PC or to colleges in general?

I think the music department creates a healthy balance between all of the super hard classes that you have to take at PC as well as any other college. Especially when it comes to maintaining your GPA, taking music classes can give a good academic boost.

What has been your favorite memory with being involved in the music department here at PC so far and why?

I think my favorite memory of being involved in the music department would have to be freshman year going on tour during spring break with the choir. It was fun to go across the east coast and sing at various churches and also it was new to me to be put with different host families and conversing with them and hearing each of their life stories and experiences. Overall, the experience was one to remember and allowed me to appreciate choir and my choirmates even more.

The PC Department of Music offers a variety of opportunities including PC Chamber Orchestra and small chamber ensembles (duos, trios, quartets, and quintets). All students at PC are eligible to participate. Studying music at PC allows for a more intimate environment of learning that fosters musical growth through community, access to close faculty mentoring, and the flexibility to fully explore musical and intellectual passions. To learn more about the Music Department, faculty, staff, ensembles, clinics, and events, visit