Welcome, Presby First+ Students!

The Presby First+ program, housed within the Academic Success Office, provides a campus network of support and opportunities exclusively for our first-generation college students, or as we like to say, Presby First+! Our campus staff and faculty are ready to guide, support, encourage, and cheer you on as you learn to navigate the college environment on your way to earning your college degree!

What does Presby First+ mean?

We’re glad you asked! Presby is shortened for Presbyterian College and First represents a student who is a first-generation college student. The + represents intersecting identities of many first-generation students. PC advocates for an inclusive campus environment so the + allows students to identify as first-gen as well as other identifiers like first-gen + racial minority, first-gen + immigrant parent, first-gen by low income, etc. The + also includes those who are not first-gen but also act as champions for this group.

Who are First-Generation Students?

PC defines first-generation college students as those students for whom neither parent or guardian has earned a four-year college degree. Research shows that nearly 1 in 3 college students are first-gen, and approximately 36% of each incoming freshman class at PC identify as first-gen students.

Presby First+ Program Advantages

  • A built-in network of first-generation peers, faculty, and staff who offer mentoring and support
  • Activities and programming, both on and off-campus, designed exclusively for first-gen students
  • Networking and relationship building with PC faculty, staff, and alumni
  • FYE courses designed specifically for first-gen students
  • Future mentoring opportunities
  • Possible future scholarship opportunities

Contact Us

Dr. Selena Blair
Rogers-Ingram Vice President for Justice, Equity, Diversity & Inclusion


How can I become part of the Presby First+ Program?

There is no application to participate! All students are welcome to participate in most on-campus events and programming, even those who are not first-gen. Some activities, off-campus excursions or giveaway items will be limited to officially declared first-gen students as characterized by the Office of Admissions.