A Message from the Program Director

Presbyterian College-Physician Assistant-Joe Weber-Program DirectorWelcome to Presbyterian College and the Physician Assistant Studies Program.

The role of the physician assistant is expanding and watching the growth since the recognition of the PA profession by the AMA in the 1970s has been amazing.

Today, physician assistants serve in almost every area of medicine and the demand is increasing. Rising health care costs, a shortage of clinicians, increased longevity, and more chronic disease are a few of the many reasons for the rise in the profession. In addition, physician assistants rank in the top (typically #1) in job satisfaction, and most PAs love serving their patients and the community.

As a school, Presbyterian College distinguishes itself with a long history of excellence and tradition. Our alumni, students, faculty, and staff are living proof of the fine tradition of excellence we bring to the community and the world. Our motto: Dum Vivimus Servimus means, While We Live, We Serve. This statement is more than a motto; it is a way of life. It is a guidepost for our college to serve those in need. This motto is the underlying passion of our college to make this world better, more compassionate, and more moral driven. As an institution, we strive to give back to our communities where we work and live through lives of service.

Our faculty provides a solid background in patient care, preparing our graduates to be effective members of the health care team. Our courses are taught by the faculty members in the classroom and a low student-to-teacher ratio. We use technology as a tool for learning and not a substitute for teaching. At Presbyterian College both the undergraduate and graduate faculty and staff pride themselves on their accessibility to students both in the classroom and outside of the classroom doors. Our goal is to provide our students with the knowledge and the confidence they will need through a comprehensive and integrated program of study, lab, and clinical, and community experiences.

With Warmest Regards,
Dr. Joe Weber, program director & associate professor