The Presbyterian College Education Department and Piedmont Technical College are partners in an exciting opportunity for high school students interested in education.

Students can begin pursuing their degree during their sophomore year in high school — at no cost — and graduate high school with a diploma and a degree from PTC. With two years of coursework already complete, eligible students can then enroll at Presbyterian College and potentially complete their Bachelor Degree in Education in just two years.

This program is being offered to students interested in a degree in Early Childhood Education, Elementary Education, or Special Education.

Program Requirements

PTC – PC – MDLC – Associate in Art**

Sophomore Year

Spring Semester

EDUC 201 – Introduction to Education (3 Credit Hours)

Summer Semester

ECD 101 -Introduction to Early Childhood (3 Credit Hours)
ENG 101 – English Composition I (3 Credit Hours)

Junior Year

Fall Semester

ART 101 – Art History and Appreciation (3 Credit Hours)
ECD 105 – Guidance-Classroom Management ( 3 Credit Hours)
MAT 120 – Probability and Statistics (3 Credit Hours)
SPA 101 – Elementary Spanish I (4 Credit Hours)

Spring Semester

BIO 101 – Biological Science I (4 Credit Hours)
ECD 102 – Growth and Development I (3 Credit Hours)
ENG 102 – English Composition II (3 Credit Hours)
PSY 201 – General Psychology ( 3 Credit Hours)

Summer Semester

ECD 107 – Exceptional Child (3 Credit Hours)
EDUC 341 – Educational Psychology (3 Credit Hours)
HIST 1100 – Rise of World Cultures and Ideas (3 Credit Hours)

Senior Year

Fall Semester

BIO 102 – Biological Science II (4 Credit Hours)
HIST 1101 – Introduction to the Modern World (3 Credit Hours)
MAT 110 – College Algebra (3 Credit Hours)

Spring Semester

ECD 201 -Principles and Ethics in Leadership in Early Care and Education (3 Credit Hours)
EDUC 210 – Teaching Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Students (3 Credit Hours)
ENG 201 – American Literature I (3 Credit Hours)
MATH 203 – Math for Elementary Teachers I (3 Credit Hours)


**Course offerings contingent on student demand, instructor availability, and other factors.