Army ROTC conducts two field training exercises per school year. The Field Training Exercise (FTX) is a practical exercise using all the leadership skills and technical skills a Cadet has learned throughout the school year. Generally, the FTX consists of the following events: Field Leadership Reaction Course (FLRC), Land Navigation, Assault Courses, Situational Training Exercises (STX Lanes), and Live Fire M16 Ranges.

Physical Training
There are mandatory Physical Training (PT) sessions conducted 3 times per week. In addition to this, there are other PT sessions available to cadets. Contracted Cadets must attend at least 3 PT sessions, non-contracted Cadets must attend at least 2 PT sessions. The goal of Physical Training is to pass the Army Physical Fitness Test.

Physical Fitness Standards – Pushups
Physical Fitness Standards – Situps
Physical Fitness Standards – Two Mile Run
Physical Fitness Standards – Two Mile Run (part 2)

Clubs and Activities

  • Ranger Challenge
  • Color Guard
  • Rifle Team
  • Officer Christian Fellowship
  • Army ROTC Ball
  • White Water Rafting
  • Other Activities