Welcome back students!

Important Note:

The information below is for all currently enrolled Presbyterian College students who will be registered for classes on campus during the 2020-2021 academic year.  First-year and transfer students will receive email instructions in early March with information about campus living and housing application information.  Please contact the Residence Life Office with questions at any time by emailing reslife@presby.edu.

Housing Application Information

All full-time PC students who will be registered for classes during the 2020-2021 academic year will need to complete an online Housing Application. The Housing Application is now available on BannerWeb on the Student Tab. Select “Upperclassman Housing Application.”


BannerWeb is also where you will locate your Priority Number.

The application has four parts for you to complete. Prior to starting the online application, some important information for you to consider:

Basic Information

This section asks for some basic information about you.

Roommate Living Preferences

Please fill out these sections as accurately and honestly as possible. In the event that the Residence Life Office needs to assign you a roommate, this information will be used to identify a roommate who is most compatible with your interests and personal living habits. The Residence Life Office makes an effort to place all students with preferred roommates/suitemates and in the location of their choice. Please note that these are preferences and your answers on the application do not guarantee placement in a particular location or with particular people.

Room Location Preferences

Please list your top three preferences for housing next year in the order you prefer them. All room assignments will be made based on your priority number, which takes into account seniority and academic performance, as well as your ability to completely fill a room.

Roommate Preferences

All roommate/suitemate names should be listed on each of the roommate’s/suitemate’s applications. If you do not list a preferred roommate or suitemates and you cannot fill a room, you will be unable to be assigned a room during the housing selection events. The Residence Life Office reserves the right to identify roommates for you in order to completely fill the available space in the halls once the housing selection events are completed. At all times, students who are able to fill a room will receive priority over those who do not list enough roommates to fill a room.

Housing Contract

Once you have completed all of your housing application information, you will be asked to electronically agree to the terms of the Housing Contract for the 2019-2020 school year. You will not be able to submit the application until you have agreed to the terms of the Housing Contract.

More Building Specific Information

Single Rooms

The following information is important to keep in mind when applying for a single room: Single rooms are billed at a higher housing rate. Single rooms are assigned based on seniority (number of academic units earned). All single rooms, except for medical accommodations, will be made through the general housing process. If you are interested in a single room, you must indicate this by checking the box on the housing application indicating your interest in a single room, followed by referencing which buildings you are interested in living in.

Senior Housing (Spradley Hall and the Townhouses)

Spradley rooms and Townhouse apartments will be assigned through the general housing selection processes, except for the 5- and 6-person apartments, which will be completed prior to Spring Break. Students interested in a 5- or 6-person apartment should check the box indicating their interest on the housing application. All other students interested in living in the 4-person apartments will select them during the selection events based on their priority number. While Spradley Hall and the Townhouses are considered to be “senior housing” any student may select to live there if space is available during the selection events. There is no limit to the number of times you may live in “senior housing.” However, only those students who will be considered seniors will be able to opt for the reduced (8-meal) plan. All other students must keep the 16- or unlimited meal plans.


Fraternity housing selection is completed by each individual chapter in communication with the Director of Residence Life. Only members of the chapter may live in a Fraternity house. Chapters are required to submit their housing roster by Friday, March 22, 2019.

Housing Timeline

Wednesday, March 4, 2020
11:59 p.m.Housing Applications are due for all full-time undergraduate students who will be on campus during the 2019-2020 academic year.
March 10-13, 2020
Special Housing Options selectons will be completed.*
March 19, 2020
6 p.m.General Housing Selection for groups housing under an “A” priority number.  Location: Springs 1st floor.
Tuesday, March 24, 2020
7 p.m.Roommate Finder Event in Georgia Lobby
Thursday, March 26, 2020
6 p.m.General Housing Selection for groups housing under a “B” priority number. Location: Springs 1st floor.
Tuesday, March 13, 2020
7 p.m.Roommate Finder Event in Georgia Lobby
Thursday, April 2, 2020
6 p.m.General Housing Selection for groups housing under a “C” priority number. Location: Springs 1st floor.

*This includes Reynolds Hall (“The Nest”), Carol International House, the Multicultural Student Union (MSU) House, the six fraternity houses, 5- and 6-person senior apartments in Spradley Hall/ the Townhouses and any medical accommodations.

Housing Application FAQs

How and when do I select a room?

Per the schedule above, Residence Life will first determine housing assignments for students interested in living in The Nest, MSU, the fraternities, 5- and 6-person apartments in Spradley and the Townhouses, and any medical accommodations. These placements will be done in coordination with the groups and students interested in living there, but will not require an in-person meeting to select a room.

After Spring Break, Residence Life will host three separate housing selection events, one for each rising class year. The events will take place on the dates listed above.

Students will receive information prior to the housing selection event with reminder information about their priority number and any other special instructions.  Updated floor plans will be available at each selection event for students to see which rooms are still available. Priority numbers will be called in numerical order. The student and roommate(s) who wish to be housed with that priority number will proceed to the check-in table, after which the students can select the room to which they wish to be assigned. See FAQ #3 if you wish to select a room with a person who has a different priority LETTER assignment.

Remember, all students who are able to fill a room/suite completely will select rooms first. Individuals may attend housing selection to select a single room. A limited number of single rooms are available, and it is likely that most single rooms will be assigned during the “A” priority selection night. Students with incomplete groups or students applying as an individual with no roommates once singles have been filled will be placed by the Residence Life Office into available spaces after all of the selection events have been held.

What are PC’s Residency Requirements?

Living on-campus throughout your college career is an integral part of the PC educational experience. As a residential College, we require full-time enrolled students to reside on campus unless they meet one of the following criteria of exception:

  1. Residing with parents or legal guardians at their primary place of residence within 40 driving miles of 503 S. Broad Street, Clinton, SC 29325;
  2. Legally married (must provide documentation);
  3. Parents of dependent children (must provide documentation);
  4. Medical or psychological conditions that cannot be accommodated by the College. PC is committed to making accommodations in our residences for medical or psychological conditions for which a student has been diagnosed by a licensed health care provider. These accommodations are made in consultation with College personnel including representatives from Health Services and the Provost’s Office. In rare circumstances when the College is unable to make accommodations as determined by these personnel, the student will be granted an exception to the housing requirement.

Can I select a room with a student who is a different class year/priority number?

Yes, but it may impact when you are able to select a room. For example, at the “A” priority selection event, students who choose other “A” priority students as roommates will be able to select rooms first.  After all of the “A”-only priority roommate groups have selected rooms, mixed group with “A” priority students who choose “B” or “C” priority students as roommates will select. The same method will apply at the selection event for rising juniors. Returning students are not able to request to live with incoming first-year students.

What if I cannot attend the housing selection event?

If you cannot attend the housing selection event, you must designate a proxy to select a room for you. This could be a roommate or another friend that you trust to make that decision for you. To designate a proxy, please FORWARD the email that you will receive from the Residence Life Office (with your priority number and selection information) to the person that will attend the housing selection event in your place. That student can either bring a printed copy of the email message or show it to us on their smart phone or other wireless device (i.e. laptop, tablet, iPad etc.)

What is my priority number and how is it determined?

Each student will be assigned a unique priority number that is based upon seniority (hours earned for letter designation) and academic success (GPA for number designation). Students with “A” priority numbers must have completed at least 71.00 credit hours as of the end of the fall semester and will have a priority number ranging from A001 to A999 (using odd numbers only).  Students with “B” priority numbers will have completed between 41.00 and 70.99 credit hours as of the end of the fall semester and priority numbers will range from B001 to B999 (using odd numbers only). Students with “C” priority numbers will have less than 40.99 credit hours as of the end of the fall semester and priority numbers will range from C001 to C999 (using odd numbers only). Priority numbers will be uploaded to Bannerweb once calculations are completed and will also be sent to you after Spring Break, along with additional details about the housing selection events.

I’m a member of and want to live in a fraternity house. What do I need to do?

Complete the online application entirely.  When completing the building preference section, select “fraternity house.” Fraternities will conduct room assignment processes independently and will submit a roster with room assignments to the Residence Life Office by Wednesday, March 25, 2020.

What housing assignments will NOT be made at the housing selection events?

Students who have been approved to study off campus/abroad for the fall semester will not be able to participate in the housing selection events. They will be assigned to a space and informed via email of their housing assignment in late December or early January before they return to campus.

Students who have been assigned to the following buildings will not attend the housing selection events:

  • CIH
  • Fraternity houses
  • MSU
  • Reynolds Hall – “The Nest”
  • Students assigned to housing for Medical Accommodations
  • Resident Assistants and Resident Directors

I have a medical or psychological condition for which I need a special accommodation. What is the process for requesting an accommodation?

Housing accommodation requests, along with required documentation of the condition, are due by Friday, March 13, 2020 for priority consideration of their needs. Students seeking more information about this must meet individually to review the accommodation process and understand what paperwork is required. Contact the Residence Life Office at 864-833-8277 to schedule an appointment.

My preferred roommate is studying off campus (abroad) for the fall semester. Can I sign up with him/her?

Students who are studying off campus during the Fall semester will not be assigned to a room at housing selection. We are unable to hold out a space for students who are studying off campus, therefore roommates are encouraged to identify another roommate with whom they can select a room. Ideally, a student who is going abroad in the fall semester could replace a roommate who is either graduating in December or studying abroad during the Spring semester.

What are the gender requirements for each building that is available during Housing Selection?

Some buildings on PC’s campus are co-ed by apartment, by floor, or by room; other buildings are single gender only. For spaces available during this year’s selection events:

  • Barron Hall (co-ed): 1st Floor – Men and Women – co-ed by room; 2nd and 3rd Floor – Men
  • Belk Hall (single gender): 1st Floor – Women
  • Carol International House (co-ed by room)
  • Clinton Hall (single gender): 1st Floor – Men
  • Fraternities (single gender): Men
  • Georgia Hall (co-ed): 2nd short, 3rd Floor – Men; 1st  Floor, and 2nd long – Women
  • Grotnes (single gender): 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Floors – Women
  • New Student Housing (co-ed by apartment)
  • Reynolds Hall/”The Nest” (co-ed by room)
  • Scottish Arms (co-ed by apartment)
  • Smyth Hall (single gender): 1st Floor – Women
  • Spradley Hall (co-ed by apartment)
  • The Townhouses (co-ed by townhouse apartment)

What do I do if I am currently studying abroad, but plan to live on campus next year?

Students who are currently abroad should complete the housing application in its entirety. You may then select a proxy (by sending a friend the email with your priority number that you will receive) or the Residence Life Office can assist with selecting a room for you during or after the Housing Selection Events. Students who are abroad should email reslife@presby.edu if you would like our office to select a room for you.