The Humphries

The Humphries

Stephen and I first met through FCA his freshman year. I was on leadership and he was helping Jason Ridlehoover with music. (The Jason-Stephen show is still one of my favorite musical acts.) We got to know each other over the next few years and our friendship deepened. During my junior year, we began having regular lunch dates, believing they were simply as friends who didn’t see each other as regularly anymore. By the end of the year, we realized that we were more than friends and began officially dating on May 3, 2006, at FCA Beach Week.

Three years later, we got engaged and were married on August 8, 2009. We moved to Chattanooga, TN for grad school and fell in love with the city. Stephen teaches Music and I teach English at a private K-12 school, and we take every opportunity to tell our students how special PC is to us. Our best friends are Blue Hose and so many of our special memories have PC at the center. We are so thankful God led us to PC and put us together.

Stephen Humphries ’08 and Taryn (Taylor) Humphries ’07