Lynn '62 and Linda Hudgins

Lynn ’62 and Linda Hudgins

Lynn Hudgins ’62 came to PC from Charleston, West Va., to play tennis. While in college, he found a place that would shape him for life.

“I got to play some tennis in an environment that, at the time, was a really good background for me,” Hudgins said.

Hudgins earned a degree in chemistry and was a member of Kappa Alpha fraternity while at PC. He joined the Navy after he graduated and flew airplanes for six years. Hudgins then went on to enjoy a 35-year career with Delta Air Lines, flying planes and working in management. He said his experience at PC always stayed with him.  

“It’s the culture of Presbyterian College that I carried with me through the work I did and through the way I approached people,” Hudgins said. “And because I got to work under the tutelage of Coach Layton and all the very, very good professors who were there when I was there, they rubbed off on me as much as anything.”

Hudgins and his wife, Linda, are being inducted into the William Plumer Jacobs Society this year for the generosity they have shown the college over the years. The Hudgins have contributed to the PC Fund or Scotsman Club, or both, every year since 1982. The Hudgins have given at the Cornerstone Level of the Neville Society. They’ve also been Walter Johnson Sustaining Members of the Scotsman Club.

The Hudgins give back to PC so that other students can experience the same type of experience that Lynn did. He says he has often met PC alumni or parents of PC alumni over the years.

“You never, ever hear anybody say, ‘Man, I wish I had gone to a bigger school’ or, ‘I wish I had gone to some other place,’” Lynn said.  “(PC) leaves a culture with people that help them all the way through their adult life.”

Lynn and Linda are parents of a PC alumnus themselves. Their son, Lynn Douglas Hudgins Jr., of Hixson, Tenn., graduated from PC in 1987. Lynn Sr.’s brother, Archibald Perrin Hudgins II, of Salisbury, N. C., graduated from PC in 1965.

Lynn and Linda are two of the newest inductees into the William Plumer Jacobs Society. To learn about the other inductees, please visit the WPJ Society page.