Questions About Budget?

Department heads and other budget managers receive reports via BannerWeb.

Questions about budget allocations and requests for pre-approval should be directed to the college officer responsible for your area. Questions about particular charges, the format of reports, or general policy and procedures for budget development may be directed to the following:

Libby Shull, CPA

Kim Watts
Assistant Controller

Commonly Used Account Numbers

These account numbers are used by most departments. There are other accounts used by only one or two departments, which are omitted here for brevity. Any account listed on your departmental budget report may be used.

When submitting an invoice for payment, write the department number and account number, separated by a hyphen, e.g., 101-6601 would be travel in the Biology Department. You should also write a brief (20-30 character) description of the purchase below the account. Your description will be entered into Bannerweb and will make your reports more meaningful.

4000 Contributions
4399 Other Revenue
4340 Sales – Other
4240 Special Program Fees

7870 Advertising
6610 Conference Registration Fees
7820 Contract Services
6740 Equipment Lease and Rental
6720 Equipment Repairs & Maintenance Contracts
8911 Equipment Purchase (Under $10,000)
8100 Food & Entertainment
6602 Fuel
8912 Furniture/Fixtures (Under $10,000)
8401 Instructional Supplies
6500 Memberships, Dues & Subscription
8760 Office Supplies
8899 Other Goods
7999 Other Services
8799 Other Supplies
7825 Personnel Recruitment
6820 Postage & Shipping
6910 Printing
8402 Research Supplies
8920 Software
7845 Software Support & Maintenance
6203 Telephone – Cellular
6601 Travel