Dr. Jody W. Lipford

Professor of Economics
B.S., Francis Marion College
M.A., Ph.D., Clemson University
Joined PC Faculty: 1991


Templeton Prize for Best Paper published in the Journal of Private Enterprise. 2007

Faculty Scholarship Award for Presbyterian College, 2011-12 academic year

Courses Taught

Introductory Microeconomics;
Introductory Macroeconomics;
Intermediate Macroeconomic Theory;
Money, Banking, and Financial Markets;
Comparative Economic Systems;
Economics of Property Rights;
Capitalism: Foundation and Functions

Areas of Specialty

Public finance, public choice, property rights

Professional Memberships

Association of Private Enterprise Education, 2002-present

Regional Advisory Commission to State Board of Economic Advisors, 2001-present

Publications and Professional Development

Lipford, Jody W. and Jerry K. Slice. 2015. “High Fixed Costs, Economies of Scale, and Financial Viability in College Athletic Spending.” Working Paper. Presbyterian College Department of Economics and Business Administration.

Lipford, Jody W. and Bruce Yandle. 2012. “Taxpayers and Tax Spenders: Does a Zero Tax Price Matter?” The Independent Review 16:517-531

Lipford, Jody W., Tate Watkins, and Bruce Yandle. 2011. “Prosperity in South Carolina: An Analysis of 46 Countries for 2000 and 2008.” Clemson University Office of Economic Development.

Lipford, Jody W. and Bruce Yandle. 2010. “Environmental Kuznets Curves, Carbon Emissions, and Public Choice.” Environmental and Development Economics 15:417-438

Lipford, Jody W. and Bruce Yandle. 2010. “Not the Time to Cap and Trade.” Regulation. Vol. 32, No. 4, Winter 2009-2010: 3.

Lipford, Jody W. and Bruce Yandle. 2009. “The Determinants of Purposeful Volunteerism.” Journal of Socio-Economics 38: 72-79.

Lipford, Jody and Bruce Yandle. 2008. “Louisiana’s Performance in the New Knowledge Economy.” Mercatus Center, Working Paper No. 08-14.

Lipford, Jody W. 2007. “Short Run Macroeconomic Performance and Economic Freedom: Can Economic Growth Rates be Higher and More Stable?” Journal of Private Enterprise 23: 3-29.

Lipford, Jody W. and Jeffrey Pompe. 2005. “Putting Private Lands into Public Hands: Explaining Voter Choices to Purchase Public Lands.” Journal of Private Enterprise 20: 1-24.

Presented “Explaining Voter Choices to Purchase Public Land” (co-authored with Jeff Pompe), Association of Private Enterprise Education Meeting, April 2004.

Presented “South Carolina’s Jocassee Gorges—Private Vice or Public Virtue?” (co-authored with Bruce Yandle and Jerry Slice), Association of Private Enterprise Education Meeting, April 2004.

Dr. Cynthia B Lucking

Associate Professor of Economics
B.A., Northwestern University
M.S., DePaul University
Joined PC Faculty: 2010

Courses Taught

  • Financial Accounting
  • Intermediate Accounting
  • Accounting Information Systems
  • Auditing

Professional Experience

Public Accounting
Audit and tax services
Smith, Culumber & Coval, Ltd.
Chicago, IL

Internal Audit

Senior Internal Auditor
Northwestern Healthcare Systems
Chicago, IL

Higher Education

Assistant Professor
Lake Forest College
Lake Forest, IL

Corporate Accounting

Senior Financial Accountant
ResortQuest Northwest Florida, LLC
Fort Walton Beach, FL

Community Service

U.S. Forest Service Wilderness Ranger
Sawtooth NRA, Idaho & Bridger—Teton National Forest, Wyoming
Guardian ad Litem, Chicago, IL

Professional Memberships

American Institute of Certified Public Accountants
Beta Alpha Psi
Delta Mu Delta


Running, gardening, architectural preservation

Mr. Norman M. Scarborough

William Henry Scott III Associate Professor of Entrepreneurship
B.S., M.S., Clemson University
Joined PC Faculty: 1979


  • Small Business Management
  • Business Law
  • Computer Applications for Business
  • Business Statistics
  • Managing the Magic: Lessons on Management from the Mouse (2006)

Areas of Specialty

  • Entrepreneurship
  •  Small business management
  • Teaching and technology


2005 PC Professor of the Year
2005 Council for Advancement and Support of Education (C.A.S.E.) South Carolina Professor of the Year
2010 Longenecker/USASBE Fellow of the United States Association for Small Business and Entrepreneurship

Publications and Professional Development

Author of eight books, including:
• Effective Small Business Management
• Essentials of Small Business Management
• Entrepreneurship
• Building A Business Plan with Lotus 1-2-3
• Business: Gaining the Competitive Edge
plus several articles

Visit website for current book projects: www.prenhall.com/scarborough

Involved in a variety of community service activities, including the Laurens County Healthcare System (2000 – 2008), the Laurens County Community Foundation, First Baptist Church, Laurens County School District 55, Fellowship of Christian Athletes, and others.

Attends the United States Association of Small Business and Entrepreneurship (USASBE) conference annually.


Shooting sports and fly fishing

Dr. Jerry Kibler Slice

Professor of Economics
B.S., Clemson University
M.S., Ph.D., Mississippi State University
Joined PC Faculty: 1989

Courses Taught

Principles of Microeconomics;
Principles of Macroeconomics;
Intermediate Microeconomics;
Capitalism: Foundations and Function;
International Marketing;
International Trade;
Environmental Economics;

Areas of Specialty

Microeconomics, international economics, environmental economics

Professional Membership

Regional Advisory Commission to State Board of Economic Advisors, 2001-present

Attends USC Economic Outlook Conference and UNCW Teaching Economics Conference annually

Community Service Activities include:

Laurens County Senior Options, Laurens County SC Humane Society, Community Outreach and College Connection of First Presbyterian Church

Publications and Professional Development

Slice and Lipford. “Adam Smith’s Roles for Government and Contemporary U.S. Government Roles: Is the Welfare State Crowding Out Government’s Basic Functions?” The Independent Review 11, no. 4:485-501.

Slice, Lipford, and Yandle, “South Carolina’s Jocassee Gorges–Private Vice or Public Virtue?” PERC Research Study RS 02-2, Political Economy Research Center, Bozeman, MT. Presented to Association of Private Enterprise Education Conference, April 2004.

Slice and Malone. “Marketing Alternatives for Broilers of Various Sizes” and “The Relative Profitability of Producing Broilers of Various Weights” MAFES Publications, 1986.

Wye Faculty Fellow, sponsored by The Aspen Institute, 2005.


Canoeing and kayaking

Dr. Suzanne J. Smith


Robert M. Vance Professor of Economics and Business Administration
Department Chair
B.S., Presbyterian College
B.E., Vanderbilt University
Ph.D., Clemson University
Joined PC Faculty: 1987


  • Management and Organizational Behavior
  • Operations Management
  • Computer Applications for Business
  • Managerial Communication
  • Doing Business in China (2009, 2012)


Presbyterian College Professor of the Year, 2001
Presbyterian College SGA Spirit of PC Award, 2001
Presbyterian College Outstanding Young Alumna Award, 1999

Professional and Service Activities

Decision Sciences Institute
Laurens County Health Care System Board member
Greenville Health System Quality & Academics Committee member

Recent Presentations and Publications

“A Review of the Higher Education Crisis Literature and Implications for Business Faculty Members,” Proceedings of Southeast INFORMS, October 2014.

Outsourced: Romantic Comedy Meets World Economic Data and Cross Cultural Management Concepts in Heat Maps,” Proceedings of the Southeast Decision Sciences Institute, February 2014.

“Using Peer Evaluation to Support Class Participation Grading in the Managerial Communication course,” Proceedings of the Southeast Decision Sciences Institute, February 2013.

“Healthcare and Higher Education: Shared Lessons in Lean,” Proceedings of the Southeast Decision Sciences Institute, February 2012 (co-authored and co-presented with Sandra Thompson).

“Connections for Healthcare Quality – The Linkage Between the Introduction of Lean Principles in Higher Education and their Application in a Healthcare Setting,” Presentation to Decision Sciences Institute, November 2011 (co-presented with Sandra Thompson).

“A Comparison of Classroom Response Systems: Handheld Clickers vs. Cellphone Texting,” workshop presented at Southeast Decision Sciences Institute, February 2011.

“Client Satisfaction Surveys: A Process Improvement Tool for Law Firms,” Proceedings of the Southeast Decision Sciences Institute, February 2010 (co-authored and co-presented with Brenda L. Stewart).

“Faculty Assessment of Internships: Creating a Better System,” Proceedings of the Southeast Decision Sciences Institute, February 2009 (co-authored and co-presented with Linda Jameison.”

“Internships and Outcomes: Learning Through Collaboration,” presented at ACPA, March 2008 (co-presented with Linda Jameison).

Developed DVD highlighting students, faculty, and employers in the PC internship program with Linda Jameison, 2008.

Favorite Quotations

“I never did a day’s work in my life. It was all fun.”
– Thomas A. Edison

“I believe in Christianity as I believe that the sun has risen: not only because I see it, but because by it I see everything else.
– C. S. Lewis

Dr. Uma V. Sridharan

Visiting Professor of Economics
M.A, Ph.D.,  The University of Iowa, Iowa City
MBA, Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad, India
Joined PC in 2014

Courses taught

  • Managerial Finance
  • Personal Finance
  • International Business
  • Computer Applications for Business

Areas of Specialty

  • Finance
  • International Business
  • Accounting

Professional Activities:

Beta Gamma Sigma
Financial Management Association
Intellectbase International Consortium
World Business Institute
Consultant to Universities in Germany and Ministry of Higher Education and Research, UAE


Reading, gardening, knitting, travelling, languages (English, Hindi, Urdu, Tamil and German)

Dr. James Tobin Turner

Associate Professor of Economics and Business Administration
B.S., Presbyterian College
MBA University of Stirling, Scotland
Ph.D., Clemson University
Joined PC Faculty: 2010
(864) 833-8415
jtturner@presby.edu du

Courses Taught

Principles of Marketing
Strategic Management
Sports Marketing
International Social Entrepreneurship

Areas of Specialty

Social Entrepreneurship

Professional Experience

Operational consultant for the South Carolina Manufacturing Extension Partnership (Beaufort, SC)
Marketing and Operations, RaceTrac Petroleum (Atlanta, GA)
Adv. Production Manager, Milliken & Company (Laurens, SC)
CEO, Palms LLC (Greenville, SC)

Hobbies and Interests

Outdoor activities and traveling