Dr. Troy Nash

Advisor for Veterinary Medicine and Optometry
Office: 105 Lassiter Hall
Phone:  (864) 833-8402
E-Mail: tnash@presby.edu 


Dr. Walter Ott

Health Science Advising Chair
and Advisor for Medicine
Office: 306 Richardson Hall
Phone:  (864) 833-8406
E-Mail: wott@presby.edu 


Dr. Jim Wetzel

Advisor for Nursing, Physician
Assistant Program, and Physical
and Occupational Therapy
Office: 202 Lassiter Hall
Phone:    (864) 833-8416
E-Mail: jwetzel@presby.edu 


Dr. Mike Rischbieter

Advisor for Pre-Pharmacy
Office: 106 Lassiter Hall
Phone:  (864) 833-8403
E-Mail: miker@presby.edu 


Ms. Evelyn Swain

Advisor for Dentistry
Office: 306 Richardson
Phone:   (864) 833-8406
E-Mail: ejswain@presby.edu


Dr. Justin Brent

Office: 204 Neville Hall
Phone:  (864) 833-8989
E-Mail: jbrent@presby.edu