Data Analytics

Ever wondered how companies like Netflix, Google, and Instagram seem to know your interests better than your best friends? Their ability to recognize your likes and dislikes and to shape your experience using their products isn’t some coincidence; it’s the result of big data and machine learning. But in order for Netflix or Instagram to provide you with a recommendation, they must make sense of the massive amounts of data they collect. They need the help of data analysts.

What Will I Study?

As Susan Etlinger, a data analyst with Altimeter Group, eloquently states in her TED Talk, “Data doesn’t create meaning. We do.” Presbyterian College’s data analytics program will help you do just that – to bring meaning to complex data. At its core, this program is interdisciplinary, blending the liberal arts with mathematics, statistics, and software proficiency. Throughout the program, you will learn…

  • to think creatively
  • to manage data and apply statistical tools
  • to data mine
  • to use machine-learning techniques to solve real-world problems
  • to provide context to big data so that sound decisions can be rendered

After four years of study, you will possess the ability to process large amounts of data, to see past the numbers and detect trends, and to provide context to big data so that sound decisions can be rendered.