Report a Crime

Reporting On-campus Crimes and Other Emergencies

Students, employees, and visitors are encouraged to immediately report any criminal offense, suspected criminal activity, fire, traffic accident, and injury or requests for medical assistance directly to the Campus Police Department. This can be done in several ways:

  • From any campus telephone, dial 8911. Off-campus, dial 864-833-8911.
  • There are emergency telephones located at the access points to residence halls and on-campus elevators. Some telephones require dialing 8911. Other telephones require you to only activate the telephone, and it will automatically ring the Campus Police duty phone.
  • Come to the Campus Police Office in person. The office is located at the corner of Fifth Avenue and South Holland Street behind the Dining Hall.

Presbyterian College Campus Police Department’s procedures require an immediate response to emergency calls. We work closely with the Clinton Fire Department, Laurens County Emergency Medical Services, and other area emergency resources to assure a complete and timely response to all emergency calls. Calls are dispatched on a priority basis. We know your call is important to you. The officer must respond to the most critical call first.

  • 1st Priority response is given to crimes against persons and personal injuries.
  • 2nd Priority is provided to crimes not in progress where the victim is not in danger, property crimes, and escort services.
  • 3rd Priority is provided to other services.

Reporting Off-campus Crimes and Other Emergencies

The Presbyterian College Campus Police Department handles criminal matters for all college-owned facilities. Presbyterian College has off-campus housing. PC does have several off-campus facilities used by the College.

The Laurens County Sheriff’s Department and Clinton Public Safety Department normally informs the Presbyterian College Campus Police Department of serious off-campus criminal activity that may affect the College community. When this information is known, timely warnings and advisories are provided to the campus community. This information will be posted on the college website.

If you are a victim or witness to a crime off-campus, dial 911 from any off-campus telephone to make a report or request emergency services.