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Parents Council

Parent Council members of Presbyterian College serve as ambassadors for PC and strengthen connections between PC families and the College.

The Parents Council offers a unique parent perspective on ideas and issues, and they support the College by giving their time and other resources. Parents Council members are selected from the group of Parent Volunteers. Working with PC through the Vice President for Campus Life and Dean of Students Office, Parents Council member duties include:

  • Attend Parents Council meetings (held three times per year). It is recommended you have a schedule that is flexible enough to allow you to come to campus for a least two of the three meetings.
  • Actively participate in Parents Council projects and initiatives.
  • Represent the Parents Council in your community and at college functions.
  • Attend as many PC sponsored functions as possible and invite other PC parents to join you.
  • Support PC by making an annual gift to the PC Fund.
  • Promote Parents Council to other parents.
  • Serve on the Parents Council for at least one year with a maximum membership equal to the length of time your child is a full time student at PC.

Board members lead others in developing and carrying out Parents Council projects and initiatives which include:

  • Help with New Student Orientation.
  • Welcome guests to on-campus receptions and regional receptions.
  • Serve on a panel for an Admissions Open House.
  • Participate in Accepted Students Day.
  • Work with Campus Life staff to develop the program for Family Weekend and participate in as many Family Weekend activities as possible.
  • Assist in the College’s academic recruiting efforts as requested by Admissions.
  • Engage in Career Networking to develop internships and job opportunities for PC students and graduates.
  • Assist the Campus Life staff with the identification of any issues of concern that you hear from other parents.

We’re thrilled to welcome you to the Blue Hose family! If you’re interested in being a part of the Parents Council, please fill out our Volunteer Form.

Parents Council Directory

Mr. & Mrs. Robin Bacon (Robin & Marcia)
Columbia, S.C.

Mr. & Mrs. Brian Bates (Ginger & Brian)
Columbia, S.C.

Mr. & Mrs. David Boulware (Allison & David)
Florence, S.C.

Ms. Holly Boyd
Harrisburg, N.C.

Mr. & Mrs. Chuck Conrad (Chuck & Laura)
Central, S.C.

Dr. & Mrs. William R. Cox, II (Martha-Murray & William)
Pawleys Island, S.C.

Mr. & Mrs. Michael Crean (Jacquie & Michael)
Guton, Ga.

Mr. & Mrs. Jim Dearman (Rebecca & Jim)
Milton, Ga.

Ms. Michelle Decker
Leesville, S.C.

Mr. & Mrs. Brian DeGennaro (Cathy & Brian)
Lebanon, Oh.

Ms. Natasha Getway
Denver N.C.

Mr. & Mrs. Paul Grier (Susan & Paul)
Greenville, S.C.

Mr. & Mrs. Tommy Hamilton (Tina & Tommy)
Boiling Springs, S.C.

Mr. & Mrs. Don Harrison (Gail & Don)
Columbia, S.C.

Mr. & Mrs. William D. Jones (Libby & Dan)
Easley, S.C.

Ms. Letitia Jones
Spartanburg, S.C.

Mr. & Mrs. Mark LeGrand (Susan & Mark)
Aiken, S.C.

Mrs. Amy Link
Clinton, S.C.

Mr. & Mrs. Scott McCarl (Heidi & Scott)
Greenville, S.C.

Mr. & Mrs. Tony Megna (Mary & Tony)
Blythewood, S.C.

Mr. & Mrs. Paul Olsen (Kelly Anne & Paul)
Columbia, S.C.

Ms. LuTricia Overton
Summerville, S.C.

Mr. & Mrs. Ty Page (Leslee & Ty)
Inman, S.C.

Mr. & Mrs. John Parris (Cindy & John)
Roebuck, S.C.

Mr. & Mrs. Michael Perkins (Kim & Michael)
Grovetown, Ga.

Ms. Stephanie Rebain
Fort Mill, S.C.

Mrs. Charles Reilly (Shannon & Charles)
Greenville, S.C.

Mr. & Mrs. Nathaniel Turner Simkins, Sr. (Turner & Tara)
North Augusta, S.C.

Mr. & Mrs. Jeff Smith
Clinton, S.C.

Lt. & Mrs. Billy Tyler (Kem & Billy)
Sellers, S.C.

Ms. Mariela Villaman
Columbia, S.C.

Mr. & Mrs. John White (Denise & John)
York, S.C.

Mr. & Mrs. David Whittemore, Jr (Cindy & David)
Easley, S.C.