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Emerging Church Leader Scholarship

Since 1880, Presbyterian College has been developing within the framework of the Christian faith the minds, bodies, and souls of students in preparation for a lifetime of personal and vocational fulfillment. After four years, students leave the College with a desire to be leaders in their communities, their homes, their churches.

Give student leaders in your church an opportunity to grow and develop into the fullest version of themselves by referring them for the $1,880 Emerging Church Leader Scholarship.*

Why PC?

Sarah Yoss`s headshot
Sarah Yoss ‘18

“I chose to work within the church,” said Sarah, “because growing in my faith and walking alongside other people in their journey of faith has always been something I have been passionate about. PC has prepared me for this. The college motto, ‘While we live, we serve,’ really does embody what we strive to be – people who love others unconditionally and selflessly.”

PC is where alumna Sarah Yoss was prepared to help others on their journey of faith. As a Christian education major, Sarah’s religion professors taught her how to nurture the faith of youth. And study abroad trips, like the one to Israel and Palestine, allowed her to see biblical culture up close. Experiences inside and outside the classroom have shaped her in her role as a middle school youth associate.

Emerging Church Leader Scholarship Application


The Emerging Church Leader Scholarship cannot be combined with the Legacy Scholarship or the 1880 Student Referral Scholarship. Please note that students being recruited to participate on an NCAA Division I athletic team or who become a member of an NCAA Division I athletic team are not eligible.