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We are delighted that you are joining the Blue Hose community. Your first year at PC is an opportunity to learn about new and fascinating subjects, delve deeper into areas of interest, and begin exploring our general education curriculum.

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Academic Advisors

One of the ways we assist you in preparing for your first semester is to provide you with a faculty advisor. Prior to advisor assignment, you will complete an advising questionnaire. Responses to the questionnaire will assist with advisor assignment and provide academic advisors information about your academic interests and educational goals.


• Assigned prior to orientation (notification via PC email)
• May be a faculty member from one of the areas of interest reported in your advising questionnaire
• Typically interacts with you via email or phone
• May be available during orientation—check with your advisor
• Helps you construct a course registration plan for the fall
• Must confirm via BannerWeb that you are allowed to register
• May be an instructor of one of your fall courses
• Can help with a variety of academic issues
• Provides support during your transition to college life
• May change when you declare a major

Each of our advisors – whether or not she or he works in a program in which you’ve expressed interest – is a dedicated member of our faculty that is committed to helping you navigate your academic choices over the next few years. Your advisor will work with you in a number of ways:

  • Assist with setting up schedules
  • Offer background and guidance on academic requirements and regulations
  • Work with you to choose a major
  • Serve as a guide and mentor as you think about your future plans

Generally, you will keep your first academic advisor until you are ready to declare a major, typically no later than the spring term of your second year. At that point, you will typically transition to a new advisor, usually one in the department where you declare the major.

Important information will be sent to your PC email address, so check it regularly!

Information about your advisor assignment and contact information will be sent to your PC email address, and we recommend that you reach out to your advisor to introduce yourself and start the advising process. Your advisor and administrative offices will send important information to your PC email address, so check your PC email account regularly. As an incoming student, it is important to get into the habit of checking your PC email and of reviewing and responding to your advisor when you receive a message.

Planning for the First Semester

The New Student Advising and Registration Guide has been prepared to assist you as you work with your advisor to create a schedule for your first semester. In this guide, you will find information about classes and the registration process. Review the steps included in the guide and take notes as you discuss options with your advisor.

New Student Advising and Registration Guide (PDF)

As an incoming student, you will need to complete a Course Registration Plan (CRP). Your academic advisor will review your plan to verify that you have selected an appropriate number of credit hours and courses suited for you and your goals. You are expected to work with your advisor to revise the plan as needed. Submission and advisor approval of a course registration plan will not, however, guarantee registration for specific courses. You will need to be flexible and have a few alternatives in your course plan. Your group advising session during June’s New Student Orientation will provide an opportunity to seek assistance with the plan.

Course Registration Plan

Review information about the CRP prior to submission:
CRP Worksheet (PDF)

Advising During New Student Orientation

Campus Life has organized two summer orientation sessions for incoming students. Please choose and register for one of these sessions. For more information, see New Student Orientation.

During summer orientation, you will attend one of the faculty-led group advising sessions to learn about the general education curriculum, graduation requirements, the role of an academic advisor, your role as an advisee, and what to expect from the college classroom. You will not register for classes during this session, but it is an opportunity to seek assistance with the completion of your course registration plan.

There may opportunities to plan individual advising sessions for the afternoon on the second day of each orientation session. Your academic advisor may not be available to meet you during orientation. The individual advising sessions are planned at advisor discretion: advisors and advisees who are interested and available are responsible for arranging these sessions prior to the event. Discuss this with your advisor early in the advising process.

New Student Orientation

Summer Orientation I

June 20-21

Summer Orientation II
June 24-25


• Will lead the group advising session during New Student Orientation
• May be your faculty advisor or a faculty member in your area of interest
• Provides an overview of the general education curriculum and graduation requirements
• Reviews responsibilities of advisees and academic advisors
• Advises you on what to expect from the college classroom
• Answers your questions about the course registration plan
• Will not be able to approve your course registration plan if the leader is not your academic advisor
• Will not register you for classes

Fall Registration

As an incoming student, you will be able to register for the fall semester starting July 15 at 7 a.m.  Before you can register, your advisor will need to approve your course registration plan and clear you to register via BannerWeb, our online registration system.

To register, go to BannerWeb and enter your BannerWeb login information that was mailed to your home address. To assist you with registration, the Registrar’s Office has prepared a BannerWeb User Guide. More information about BannerWeb can be found in the New Student Advising and Registration Guide and here: BannerWeb FAQs

Countdown to Registration!

Fall Registration for New Students Opens on July 15 at 7 a.m.

Remember, your advisor will need to clear you to register.

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